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Body Waxing  
Why shave when you can wax and have less irritation?
Have less stubble and irritation due from everyday shaving. Your hair should be 1/4 inch in lenth to be removed. Please consult with our estheticians if on any medications.
Eyebrow $10
Lip $8
Chin $8
Neck $12
Cheeks $12
Full Face $35
Under arms $18
Full arms $30
Lower arms $20
Upper arms $20
Chest $45
Back $50
Back, neck & Shoulders $65
Brazilian (Start at) $60
Bikini (Start at) $30
Upper leg $35
Lower leg $25
Full leg $55
All facials are personalized to meet your skin needs and includes a skin analysis, cleaning, exfoliation, extractions, face, neck and shoulder massage, masque and moisturizer.  
Basic Facial
Includes a gentle cleansing, Extractions, and massage.
With emzyme.
Gentle and effective way to break down dead skin cells.
With glycolic.
Rapid exfoliation for cell removal
Deep Pore Facial
Includes cleansing, deep exfoliation, extraction and soothing masque.
Collagen Blanket Facial
A wonderful facial boosting your collagen levels and hydrating your skin to it’s fullest.
Teen Facial
Helps correct skin current conditions and control future breakouts.
Gentlemen’s Facial
A soothing nourishing facial just for men. Includes a skin analysis, cleansing, Facial massage, and a wonderful soothing masque.
Back Facial
A perfect treatment for your back, get a good deep cleansing, exfoliation, and massage and walk out relaxed with a silky smooth back.
Body Treatments  
Come relax and enjoy our soothing body treatments  
Soothing Session
A one hour full body effleurage to help you relax and unwind from everyday stresses in your life.
Lymphatic Drainage
A light touch full body lymphatic drainage to aid your body in detoxification.
Relax with this Finger Pressure Massage technique designed to reduce everyday stress, tension, and release toxins from the body.
Spray Tanning  
Spray Tanning $30-$35
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